With a smart device and QR (Quick Response) reader we offer you an accessible and modern addition to traditional memorials. A QR code provides an instant link to a dedicated memorial page.

This virtual archive can include photographs, videos, obituaries, eulogies, biographies, family ancestry, guest registry, links to the Facebook, Twitter and other social networks pages of your loved one, as well as comments by friends and family, to truly become a celebration of life.

The personal memorial allows only visitors authorised by the family to post information on the webpage. Visibility is available to anyone to ensure the archive remains accessible for future generations.

Our technology is available for all memorials, providing a platform that is open for public access, enriching the experience of all visitors to the memorial site. This digital link can be added to new or existing headstones, to crematory plaques, mausoleums, even as an addition to a public memorial.

The memorial webpages are fully responsive so they are easy to read and access on any smart device ensuring browsers have a positive experience. Your memorial webpage can be accessed by scanning the QR code with your phone or tablet and for those family members who can’t visit the memorial often or don’t have a smart device, you can also view your website from any computer.